nedjelja, 19. prosinca 2010.

Making custome debs

Lot of people don`t know how to build custome debs from source.
It`s simple and i will show you how to do it.

First you have to install from repos checkinstall.
Just download the source from the app that you wann to put in a deb.
Like wine.Just download the new 1.3.9 wine source file.It`s in tar.bz2.

Make directory in your $HOME folder called build
 mkdir ~/build

and copy the source in build.
cd to build and just tipe tar xjf wine-version.tar.bz2
New folder caled wine-version was created and simle cd into it and
sudo checkinstall

after the checkinstall you have your own custome wine build that you can simple install with dpkg.

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