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dwm is a dynamic tiling window manager for X11 exhibiting the principles of minimalism which is known for having influenced the development of other window managers, including xmonadand awesome.It is externally similar to wmii, but internally much simpler. dwm is written purely in C and, for simplicity, lacks any configuration interface besides editing the source code. One of the project's guidelines is that the source code will never exceed 2000 lines, and options meant to be user-configurable are all contained in a single header file.
dwm supports multiple workspaces and unlike ratpoison allows moving and resizing windows with the mouse. Older versions of dwm optionally displayed their stdin in a status bar at the top of the screen. Recent versions use the root window name, which can be changed by an independent process. This is often used to show information that would appear in the notification area of other desktop environments—a clock, system load info, laptop battery and network status, music player information and the like. This status line is often complemented with dmenu, a textual application launcher from the same developer as dwm. dwm uses a focus-follows-mouse model and lacks any window decoration other than a border to show focus.

And here are some my screenshots



and i will share with you my custome .deb
http://uploading.com/files/57b53cd4/dwm ... amd64.deb/

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